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Email Customizations

You can customize the look of the emails that go to your employees from the software.

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Occasionally, Motivosity will be sending your employees emails. For example, any time a user is appreciated by someone, they will get an email. Similarly, if you are using Peer to Peer Recognitions, at the beginning of the month users will be notified that they have new money to give. Also, at the time you go live or add a new user after you're live, your users will receive a Welcome Email from us inviting them to log in.

Customizing General Emails

Here you can change how Motivosity appears to email recipients! Please head to Setup > Email Customizations to get started!

Logo Image

The Motivosity logo image can be replaced with the company's logo image.

Company Slogan

Don't forget you can also add a custom 'Company Slogan' to appear under your Logo Image!

Note: The custom header shown above does NOT show up in the "Welcome Email" that goes out when employees are first welcomed to the software, but it will be used in the emails that go out after that.

Email Color Theme

Wanting to customize your color theme with your Motivosity emails? You can by selecting one of the eight colors below!

Email Subject Lines

You have the option to show your company name in the subject line from Motivosity. If you only want the Thanks to appear, make sure this option is not selected:

If you want your company name included, be sure to check the box below!

Customizing your Welcome Email

You can now edit the Welcome Email! This will be the email your employees get at the time of Launch AND the email any new hires will see.

Notice that you can upload an image. This can be your company logo, or the logo of the CEO, or the Head of HR, or whoever you imagine is delivering this welcome message.

You will be able to edit the Header Text as well as the message that is associated there.

If you leave these blank, no worries! Motivosity has an image, header, and message ready to go.

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