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Adding an Admin in Motivosity

For information on adding an Admin to Motivosity

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How to add an Admin in Motivosity

Admins in Motivosity are users who will have access to the Setup pages, Admin Tools, and can see Insights that a normal user cannot see.

Who can add or edit Admin access within Motivosity?

The only person who can edit the admin access of other users is the Motivosity Point of Contact. That person is identified in the Setup > Account Preferences page:

Types of Admins in Motivosity

There are three different types of Admins in Motivosity: Admin, Finance Admin, and Confidential Data Access. Users will be able to access different pages and information based on the type of Admin they are.

  • Admin: Any user who has "Admin" access will be able to log in while your account is paused (before going live with all of your employees) and be able to access all of the Setup pages, the Admin Tools and many Insights on a company level. However, an admin CANNOT make a change with respect to money in Motivosity unless they are also a Finance Admin.

  • Finance Admin: A user who has Finance Admin can be chosen for two-factor authentication and has permission to make changes to the Setup pages* or Admin Tools page that affect money.

  • Confidential Data Access: A user who has Confidential Data Access will have access to all Insights (including meeting notes, eNPS results, Journal entries, etc).

How to Add a New User and Make them an Admin

Go to Setup > Team > Click 'Add Team Member'.

Within the pop-up, enter the employee's information. The required fields to give Admin access are: First Name, Last Name, Email and Payroll ID. Required information must be inputted, we also suggest adding the other information as well. Once complete click 'Next'.

On the next page you will enter further information, and check the 'Admin' Access box. We also recommend filling in the Birthday. Once you've made the necessary changes head onto the next page and click 'Save'!

If your account is live, the added user will receive an email welcoming them into the platform and guiding them on how to sign in. If the account is not live, they will NOT receive an email but will be able to access their account by going to or through SSO (if it has been enabled). By going to this will redirect the user to sign in to SSO if it has been configured.

How to Make an Existing User an Admin

Go to 'Setup' > 'Team'. Find the Team Member you'd like to be an Admin, then click on the three dots near their name and pick 'Edit'.

A window will pop up with the user's current information. The section we will want is on Page 2, so for now click 'Next'.

At the bottom of this page you will see three options for types of administrative access you can give this user. Descriptions for these types of Admins is listed on the right hand side of the window. Once you have selected the type of access you want this user to have, go to the Next page then click 'Save'!

Finally, click "Next" until you get to the final page, then click "Save".

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