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Access Levels in Motivosity

Admin access privilege levels in Motivosity

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Types of Admin Access

There are several different access types in Motivosity; user, manager, leader, finance, and admin. Three of these types can be assigned. These are the user, finance, and admin status.

Primary Admin

On the 'Setup' > 'Account Preferences' page one single person is chosen as the Motivosity Point of Contact. They will be given Admin status (as described below) and is the ONLY user who can edit the Admin Status to any other user.


Any user who has "Admin" access will be able to log in while your account is paused (before going live with all of your employees) and be able to access all of the Setup pages, the Admin Tools and many Insights on a company level. However, an admin CANNOT make a change with respect to money in Motivosity unless they are also a Finance Admin.

Finance Admin

A user who has Finance Admin can be chosen for two-factor authentication and has permission to make changes to the Setup pages* or Admin Tools page that affect money.

*Note that a Finance Admin will also need to be a regular "Admin" in order to access the setup pages.

Confidential Data Access

A user who has Confidential Data Access will have access to all Insights (including meeting notes, eNPS results, Journal entries, etc).

Non-Admin Users

Users without any admin access will not have any access to any of the Setup Pages, and they will have limited view to a small amount of Insights. Those insights will only show data relating to them and their team.

Giving a User Admin Access

Only the "Primary Admin" (the person chosen on the Setup > Account Preferences page as the Motivosity Point of Contact) may edit a Admin Access status. They can make these updates by following these steps:

1. Go to 'Setup' > 'Team'

2. Click the three dots next to the user's name you want to give access to and select Edit

3. Click Next on the edit profile pop-up and then mark the box next to Admin, Data Access, or Finance.

4. Click Next until you get to Save and this will now give this user the rights you specified.

How to Review Current Access Levels

To review the current access levels go to Insights > Community and Team > User Management. There you will see current information for active employees including if they have current admin access and which type:

By clicking on one of those icons TWICE you will be able to bring the users with that access to the top of the page:

In this screenshot I can see that Leslie has Regular Admin Access and Confidential Data Access. She does NOT have Finance Admin access.

Note: You (the if you are the Primary Admin) can click on the PENCIL icon next to anyone's name in this report to edit their permissions from this page.


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