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External Giving

Give Motivosity Bucks to people outside your Organization

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*Only available to customers with the Recognition & Rewards add on*

With Motivosity you can allow appreciations to be given outside of your organization.

External Giving Campaigns

To enable external giving, you need to first create a campaign. Think of the campaign as the set of rules that controls how external giving is done.

When you first click on the 'External Giving' page, you will be prompted to create a campaign. Click on the create button and then fill out the information.

Some things to note: The 'approvers' are the people who will have to approve or reject an outside appreciation given by someone in the company. When an approver gives an outside appreciation on a campaign that they are the approver for, the gift will be automatically approved.

The balance is the limit of spending available on this campaign.

The gift amounts can either be variable, or in denominations that you select.

Giving Externally

Once a campaign is set up, you can activate external giving by typing an email into the 'Who do you appreciate?' window. When you do this, the layout changes. If there are multiple campaigns, the giver will be able to choose which one applies.

The Recipient

The recipient will get an email that looks like this.

When an outside gift is given, the recipient receives an e-mail. The e-mail with have a link that they can click on.

When they click on the 'REDEEM YOUR CARD NOW' button, they will be taken to a page where they can select the gift card of their choice.

When do I pay?

With external giving in Motivosity, there is no waste. You only pay for a gift card when it is actually redeemed by the recipient.

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