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Integrations Overview

This is an introductory article to let you know how our integration structure works. You'll find specifics for each in other articles

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There are three different types of integrations we offer.

Use this guide to help you get started, but please feel free to reach out to with any questions you have.

HRIS Integrations

Integrating with your HR System will allow you to maintain employee information in your HR system, and that information will update into Motivosity.

Direct HRIS Integrations:

SFTP Integrations: Many HR Systems (ADP, Paylocity, UKG, and others) will offer SFTP integrations. In general, making these integrations work will involve these steps:

  1. Contact your HR system account manager and ask if they can integrate with Motivosity through an SFTP integration. For our side this is FREE OF CHARGE, but it's possible they might have a charge, and you'll want to know about that.

  2. Replicate this report in your HR system. You will need the columns to stay in the same order and have the exact same text in Row 1. You will likely be able to ignore columns L, M, and N as they are for special cases. Name this report "full.csv" for this integration to work.

    • Along with getting the right information in the right place, you will want to consider which filters to put in place so that the right employees (example: "Active" employees or "Full Time" employees, etc) are in the report.

  3. Follow these steps to prepare Motivosity for the integration. This will create a username and password that we will use in Step 4.

  4. Contact us! When you've finished those three steps, email to let us know so we can give you the other information (host name, port, app ID, app secret, etc.) to finalize the integration.

SSO Integrations (Single Sign-On)

With a SSO integration your employees will be able to log into Motivosity using the same credentials that they do for your other systems. Choose the system you use below to learn more:

Important SSO Note: There are two different web addresses when considering logging into Motivosity:

    • A Motivosity ADMIN will always be able to log into this page with a password. That way if something breaks with the SSO, they can always get in.

    • A NON-ADMIN will be redirected to the SSO after they put in their email address (unless you say otherwise in Setup > Account Preferences > Allow Sign-In With Regular Credentials)

    • ANY user coming here will be redirected to your company's SSO

Chat Integrations

We can integrate with Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • Slack: You can create a Motivosity Channel in Slack to see and send appreciations and highlights.

  • Teams: For the MS Teams integration, that can happen in two different ways. You can do an "full integration" and/or a "connector"

    • A "Connector": You can create a channel in Teams then connect Motivosity to that channel. This will create posts in Teams from the Motivosity home feed.

    • Full Integration: Add a webhook to the top of any channel. This will look like the full Motivosity website, but accessible in Teams.

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