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Okta Integration Setup

How to setup Okta as a SSO integration in Motivosity.

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What is the Okta integration?

If you use Okta as your preferred Identification Provider (IdP), then Motivosity has your covered with a seamless Single Sign-on integration. Go ahead and follow the steps below to get started on configuring Okta to integrate with Motivosity.

If the integration is not behaving as expected after the initial setup, you'll want to double-check the points below. These are three of the most common steps that we see integrated incorrectly.

  1. Production Metadata - do not use staging or sandbox metadata.

  2. Signed Metadata - all metadata and assertions should be signed at start and endpoints.

  3. This integration is meant to redirect to your login page - We don't pass any information to a backend system. We just redirect them to your login page and you send back the signed assertion to us with the unique identifier of the person being authenticated (i.e their email).

How to setup the Okta integration:

In Okta, the company's Okta Admin will need to add the Motivosity integration to the company's allowed application list. The steps below will walk you through what you need to do to get integrated Motivosity integrated with Okta:

First, click on the 'Admin' button in the top right corner. This will take you to the Admin Portal to set up the integration.

Next, select 'Applications' on the left side menu. You'll then select 'Browse App Catalog' as you see in the screenshot below.

Go ahead and search for 'Motivosity' in the search field. Once you've found it, go ahead and select it.

Next, select the 'Add Integration' button.

You'll then start the configuration steps. In this first step, you'll give the application a name (we recommend just using Motivosity) and decide if you want the application to display for all users. Once you are finished, select 'Done'.

Next, we'll take care of Assignments. In the 'Assignments' tab go ahead and start adding what users/groups you would like to access the Motivosity integration.

Once you are done with assignments, go ahead and select the 'Sign On' tab.

From the 'Sign On' tab, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the right-hand side, select the button that says 'View SAML setup instructions'.

From the SAML setup page, scroll down to the bottom to the 'Configuration Steps'. This is where you will see your IDP Metadata. Go ahead and copy this to your clipboard. (Please Note: You do not need to send this to Motivosity's Support team)

Now that you have your IDP Metadata copied, head to Motivosity and navigate to Setup > Integrations > then click the Okta tile.

Once you've clicked the Okta tile, a pop-up will appear asking for activation. Click 'Activate'.

From here, you will now paste your Metadata from Okta in the "SAML Metadata" section. Once you are finished, select "Save".


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