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Google Sheets Integration Setup
Google Sheets Integration Setup

How to setup an integration with Google Sheets in Motivosity

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What is the Google Sheets integration?

You'll LOVE how simple our Google Sheets integration is! Using this integration, Motivosity will read a Google Sheet spreadsheet that matches our import template and sync over any changes that have been made to your employees. Adding an employee will automatically add their profile to Motivosity, removing an employee will deactivate their profile, and any other changes made will be synced through.

Also, we'll only sync your spreadsheet when changes have been made.

Before setting up this integration: Please note that once you have an integration in place, your HR platform will become the SOURCE OF TRUTH for employee data you are feeding into Motivosity. Any changes made in Motivosity will be overwritten by this Integration. Issues with data accuracy will need to be addressed in your HR platform.

Before You Get Started...

Please be sure you have the appropriate access from Google to configure this integration. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Integration Team here:

How to setup the Google Sheets integration:

The following steps will walk you through how to integrate Motivosity with Google Sheets:

Getting started, we'll select the "Setup" icon in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

We'll then select "Integrations" on the left-hand side of the page.

From the integrations page, select the "Google Sheets" tile.

A modal will appear asking if you would like to activate the integration. Go ahead and select "Activate".

Next, select "Authenticate account".

When authenticating with Google you will need to authenticate twice, once with Google Drive and then with Google Sheets. To authenticate with each once, select the "New authentication" button.

You'll then add your "Authentication Name" (we recommend using your company name). Once this information is filled out, select "Create". You will then see a modal where you will sign in with your Google account.

After you have signed in with your Google Drive and Google Sheets accounts, select "Finish".

You will then be brought to the configuration page. From here, under "Sync Method" you'll be able to select from two different options:

  1. Motivosity Generated Spreadsheet

  2. Existing Spreadsheet from Google Drive

Choosing an existing spreadsheet from Google Drive:

If you chose to use an existing spreadsheet you will select the spreadsheet from the field below, please be sure that it matches our standard spreadsheet template that can be found here.

Choosing a Motivosity generated spreadsheet:

If you chose to have Motivosity create a spreadsheet for you, you will give the spreadsheet a name in the next field.

If you chose for Motivosity to create a spreadsheet for you, you will immediately be taken to that spreadsheet in a new tab to begin filling it out. If not, you will then see this page with a link to your spreadsheet.

Once you are finished, select "Save". Back on the integration screen, you will see the integration appear under "Enabled Applications".

Please Note: If you would like to view the integration or edit any information, please select "View Details" or the three dots on the right-hand side.

Running the Integration Manually

If you've made a change to your org that you want to see now rather than waiting for your scheduled sync, these steps will help walk you through how to run your integration manually to get any changes into the platform when you need them.

From the Integrations page, select "View Details" on the integration you would like to run.

You will then be brought to a screen that shows the current details of your integration.

To run the integration after making any changes to your spreadsheet or HRIS, go ahead and select the "Run Integration" button.

This will then run the integration workflow and pull any changes that you've made into Motivosity.


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