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Timed Trials FAQ


Timed trials are a popular method for organizations to evaluate software and services within a specified time frame. We'll provide you with information and guidance on what is timed trials and frequently asked questions below. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my trial?

All of the features in the Motivosity add-ons are included in your trial. You are welcome to choose from any or all of our add-ons to try out! We don’t think it makes sense to try a product you don’t have full access to, so we give you an open door to try out everything Motivosity can do to make your employee’s experience better. Need help figuring out how to maximize the features? Our team is here to help and eager to help you make the most of your trial.

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How long is a timed trial?

The industry average for free trials lasts 7 days. But, because Motivosity isn’t average, we offer you and your entire company a free trial for 30 days. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just every feature Motivosity has to offer at your disposal.

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Do I have to include my whole company?

While you can phase your team into using the trial, we recommend that you upload your entire company or complete departments for all 30 days. The Motivosity magic works best when your entire team can connect on the platform. Whether you’re trying out Recognition & Rewards, Employee Insights, or Manager Development (or all three!), every feature produces better results when you’ve got everyone involved.

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Can I limit the timed trial to certain teams?

We love that you ask. While we recommend you include your entire company, you can limit your trial to specific teams. To choose which teams, users, or departments you would like to include, navigate to the Licensing page under 'Setup'. Add users, and then set up a new rule where you can decide who you would like to include in the experience. If you have further questions regarding this please feel free to submit a ticket by clicking here to our amazing support team!

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Can I upgrade my account before my trial is over?

Of course! Whenever you’re ready to upgrade your account to include additional Motivosity add-ons, there are two paths to take:

1. You can upgrade your account on your own within the ‘Licensing’ section in your Motivosity account set-up.

2. Your Account Executive can assist in upgrading your account to include the add-ons you want to move forward with.

In both cases, we make it easy to grow with Motivosity with straightforward pricing and a seamless implementation process.

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If I choose not to upgrade now but want to later, will I still have my data from the timed trial?

Thanks for asking! The answer is a resounding yes. While you only have a 14-day window after your trial to continue accessing your data in the platform, we store all of it for you in case you decide to upgrade in the future, and at that point, it will become available to you once again. All of your meeting notes, survey data, and more will be kept safe and secure in the meantime. 

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What do managers and employees see?

Wow, great question! Lucky for you, we’ve got videos to show you exactly what your people will see please click one of the following:

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Thanks for participating in a free trial of Motivosity!

We hope you have an incredible experience and find more opportunities to improve your culture. As always, we’re cheering for you and here to support you along your journey to being an incredible place to work. 

For any additional questions about what your employees and managers might experience in the platform, you can refer to the Help Center or get in touch with our team.

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