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I didn't receive a Welcome Email


The welcome email is a notification that you should have received from the admin in charge of the Motivosity account. You may ask your peers for more information on who the admins are.

I didn't receive a Welcome Email. What should I do?

  1. Check your junk / spam folder. 
  2. Confirm with your Motivosity Admin which work email address was used for the invitation. If the incorrect address was used, ask your Motivosity Admin to change your address and send you a password reset link.
  3. Visit the sign-in page directly and request a new password.

Are you an admin and need help resending the Welcome Email to users who have never logged in? Look no further!

1. Head to your Motivosity HomePage and click 'Insights'.

2. Head to 'Recognition' and click 'Engagement'.

3. Click 'Invite These Users'.

Please reach out to our amazing Motivosity Support Team by submitting a ticket here.

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