Create and Send Spot Bonuses within Motivosity

You first need to create allocation rules by going to 'Setup' -> 'Spot Bonuses'.


You will begin by enabling Spot Bonuses by clicking 'Yes'. You have two options for the way that you can allocate funds for your managers. First is through the number of direct reports they have and second is based off the org chart position.

You then set the amount that each mangers will get based on your preference specified. By hovering your mouse over the 'i' icon, you will be able to see which managers are in each level.

The next step is deciding on your approval process. You can set an amount that for any spot bonus under that amount you do not need an approval. If nothing is specified or if the amount is more than required approval amount, then the spot bonus will go through the approval process. You then select the Approvers by simply starting to type in their names into the 'Select approvers' box.

You can create a single spot bonus allocation for a particular user or upload an excel spreadsheet with many spot bonus allocations. The allocations created here will expire at the end of the month as shown. You can do an upload for these one-offs or add a single spot bonus by clicking the designated buttons.


With Spot Bonuses enabled, Mangers will now see a 'Give a Spot Bonus' button on their home page.

Giving a Spot Bonus is similar to an appreciation where you will type in the employees name, type a note, select a company value, determine the giving amount, and mark it as private or leave it as public. After filling out the information, click 'Send It!'

If the Spot Bonus needs to be approved, it will then show up in the Action Items list of the approvers. If no approval is needed, it will get posted to the home feed.

Managers will also be able to request additional funds by clicking the link. They will then be met with this screen where they will submit their request to receive additional funds for spot bonuses. It will then go to an approver to approve or deny.