Configuring SSO with Motivosity

Enabling SSO with Motivosity will allow your users to be auto-logged-in when they come to the Motivosity page. It's easy. This document will show SSO using Google as an example.

Create a Google SAML app

Go to your google admin panel ( and select 'Apps'. You will see an area to create a new SAML app....

From there, click on 'SAML apps' and then on 'Add a service/App to your domain'. Click that link and then at the bottom of the modal, click on 'Setup my own custom app'.

Download the IDP metadata. This will be an XML file. Keep this handy for later and click 'Next'.

Name the app and choose a logo. You can use this one if you want:

Enter the following information in your custom app and click 'Next':


Entity ID:

There is no need to do any more attribute mapping for Google. Click 'Finish'

Your SSO app is now ready on the Google side. Go ahead and turn it on for everyone.

Configure Motivosity to use your SAML/SSO Application

Log in to Motivosity as an admin.

Click on 'Setup' and then 'Integrations'.

Create a custom domain for your company. This is usually

Copy and paste the contents of the xml file you received when you clicked on Google's IDP download into the SAML Metadata field.

Auto-login rules

You now have a custom domain like Email notifications will point toward this domain. If your users go to, they will be automatically logged into Motivosity using your sso configuration.

If you are in a place where access to the SSO identity provider is not available, you can always go to '' to login the old way.