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Motivosity Security Update (Aug 19, 2021)

Motivosity has been tracking suspicious activity across a small number of user accounts and wants to update you on additional security measures you may have noticed and will see in the coming days.

Beginning this morning users began receiving an additional prompt when placing orders to confirm their email address. This extra layer of security is temporary but will ensure that only authorized orders are completed.

In the coming days, Motivosity will be implementing two-factor authentication for all users in non-SSO (Single Sign-On) environments. You or your users may also be presented with requests to confirm your email address coming from Motivosity if you use our API or Mobile applications.

If you receive an email requesting confirmation of your email address that you don’t recognize, please contact

We appreciate your patience and support of the Motivosity team while we take proactive steps to ensure the security of your system.

Thank you!

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