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Priorities Overview

All data here is company-wide for leaders and admins, for managers from them downwards, and not visible for users.                


Priorities Overview

This panel shows two tiles. One tile is the total number of priorites created in the company, the subtext is the percentage of employees having a 1 on 1. The second tile is the completed priorites and the subtext is the percentage of completed priorites from the total. The third tile is the abandoned priorities and the subtext is the percentatge of abandoned from the total. The last tile shows the average number of days a priority has lasted before being completed or abandoned.

Active Priorites

This panel shows defaulted by department group is the % of people in that group that have active priorities iun the selected period of time.   


Priority Completions Last Six Months

This panel shows a trend of the overall priorities by month for the previous six months.




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