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How Do I Add a New User to Motivosity?


Got a new employee who is ready to jump in and start recognizing their peers in Motivosity? You're probably wondering how to add them as a user! Well, we've got your back and this article should help walk you through the steps to get that done! 

Adding a New User

To add a new user in Motivosity you'll want to do the following: 

  1. Once you are signed in to Motivosity, head over to the "Setup" tab
  2. Next, in the green section on the left-hand side, select "Team"
  3. Now you'll select the "Add User" button and follow the next steps:

You should now see a screen like below! You can start by filling out the needed information such as First Name, Last Name, Department, Title, and Email (Please Note: The First Name, Last Name, and Email are all required.) Once you are done, go ahead and select the green "Next" button. 

Next, you'll want to add in their Hire Date, Birthday, and Payroll ID. You can also indicate here if you want them to have special access to the platform. For more information on access levels, click here! Once you are done, you can go ahead and select the green "Next" button!

The final step in this process is to add a profile picture! You can certainly add one if you want, but if you want to leave this up to your employee to decide you can just use the preselect default that should already be shown! Once you are finished go ahead and select "Save".

Your new employee should now be added to your Motivosity platform and should receive a Welcome Email inviting them to sign in!

If for any reason you run into any trouble adding a new user to the platform, please reach our to our amazing support team here by submitting a ticket! 

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