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Turnover Analysis


Turnover Analysis gives customers visibility into the health of their organization through the trends of employees moving out of the business. This dashboard allows you to make smart decisions about where to focus their energy on improving retention and keeping your employees happy.

Head to 'Insights' > 'Community and Team' > 'Turnover'. The defualted filter is 'Last 90 Days'.

From here you have your different dashboards. 

Turnover Overview

This shows total turnover in the last 90 days (8) out of 16 total turnovers overall. The Turnover Percentage is what percent of the company was terminated during this time frame of the 'last 90 days'. For example, take 8 employees who were terminated and divide that by the total number of employees at the company at that time. If there are 50 people in the company during that time frame, and 8 were terminated. That is a 16% turnover rate for the company at that time. 

Turnover by Reason

NOTE: This is the only editable section of the dashboard. Use the '+ review' to review all terminated employees. 

When someone leaves the company you can fill out the turnover information that will ask Reason for Leaving. (see below). This lets you better slice and dice data to see who the employees are, why they left, and when. Simply click on any of the bars on the graph and look at all the reasons or edit them if needed. 

Turnover by Department

This takes the turnover by reason and filters it by department so you can see what department has the highest turnover or lowest and what reasons did they have for each department. The 'Uncategorized' option lets you know if you need to edit, correct, or add a reason for each user, or choose to keep it uncategorized if you are unsure of the reason.  

Turnover and Tenure

This lets you see how long the employees stayed at the company before leaving. 

Turnover Trends

Lastly, the line graph lets you see the trends of your companies turnover over the course of the months (this is not adjusted by the filter). This also lets you see if they were managers, employees, and how it correlates with the eNPS score for that month. See the details below 


No setup is required for Turnover Analysis. 

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