1. Scope of Motivosity Support - The Motivosity license provides access to the Motivosity Client Success Team. This access is to be used to help diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve technical issues related to the Motivosity software. Outlined below are policies governing the scope of support covered by Motivosity Support.

    1. Motivosity Troubleshooting and Bug Fixes 

      1. Motivosity Software Issues -The Motivosity Support team will diagnose and troubleshoot any Motivosity related issue. Certain issues will require engineering assistance.

      2. System Requirements - Motivosity is only supported on Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11 or higher.

      3. Motivosity Data - Hosted via Amazon Web Services and is backed up 3x a day, and alive for 10 days until they are deleted.  The entire backup is covered in the license agreement.    

    2. Motivosity Software Updates - Features may appear or leave the software depending on user adoption and statistics.  Updates will occur automatically and no action needs to be taken by the customer.  These updates may occur daily, weekly, or monthly. Motivosity may or may not notify customers about any software updates. 

    3. Customer Hardware & Networks

      1. Network Connectivity Issues - Motivosity is dependent on consistent and reliable network traffic. Unreliable performance can negatively impact Motivosity‘s accuracy. Motivosity Support will make its best efforts to expose connectivity issues impacting Motivosity performance. Motivosity Support will not be responsible for resolving Motivosity issues resulting from network performance.

      2. Network Configuration - Motivosity Support will not make changes to customer networks as these changes can have a significant impact on business operations. 

    4. Professional Service - Customers who want Motivosity Support to assist in any element that is outside of his or her scope of work may request a quote for professional services by contacting Motivosity Sales. As an example, onsite manager training, working with third-party HRIS systems, etc. 

  2. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    1. Standard Support Contracts 

      1. NA (North America) - Motivosity will provide standard 8x5 support between the hours of 7 AM to 5 PM MST. This includes Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support, less Motivosity observed holidays and company meetings. 

    2. Severity Definitions

      1. Urgent issues. Business disrupting with no workaround.  Example includes: Accidentally deleting all of your users from the database.  Should be resolved in 24 hours.

      2. High priority issues. Business disrupting with a workaround.  Example includes: E-Gift rewards balance is too low to cover redemptions, bulk appreciations given to the entire company, or other funding issues.  Should be resolved in 2 weeks.

      3. Medium priority issues. Non Business impacting but causes significant confusion.  Example includes:  Problems with individual user accounts, general bug fixes.  Should be resolved in 8 weeks.

      4. Low priority issues. Cosmetic.  Example includes: Password reset, basic usage, account setup, etc.

      5. Disclaimer: Timelines may vary depending on a wide variety of reasons.  In all instances Motivosity strives to hit the listed timeline, but timelines may be adjusted without notification to the customer.

Data Collection and Privacy Policy

For additional information regarding Motivosity’s collection and processing of information, see https://motivosity.com/legal/privacy.html