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1 on 1 Meetings in the Mobile App


The mobile app now supports 1 on 1s/Meetings! Features include connecting your calendar, viewing your list of meetings, scheduling a meeting, entering a meeting, adding agenda items and notes. All of the features of a normal meeting exist in the mobile app!

We'll be going over the following:

  • Connect your Calendar
  • View Meetings
  • Scheduling a 1 on 1/Meeting
  • Start a 1 on 1/Meeting
  • Add Agenda Items

Connect your Calendar

Please Note: In order to get started to gain 1 on 1 functionality in the mobile app you'll need to connect your calendar!

View Meetings

To view meetings on the mobile app please head to your Motivosity home page and click the '+' icon at the very bottom of the screen. You'll find a screen showing a list and tap 'Meetings'.

From here, you'll find the list of meetings you have scheduled!

Scheduling a 1 on 1/Meeting

To schedule a 1 on 1 please head your Motivosity home page and click the '+' icon and tap 'Meetings'. After tapping 'Meetings' you'll want to tap another '+' icon on the top right of your mobile screen. You'll find the 'Create event' modal below to schedule a 1 on 1/Meeting.

Start a 1 on 1/Meeting

Wanting to start a 1 on 1/Meeting? Head to your Motivosity home page and tap the '+' icon > Tap 'Meetings' > Tap the Meeting you'd like to start and the modal will open like the example below:

Add Agenda Items

You can now add agenda items in the mobile app for direct reports! Head to the 'Meetings' section and tap 'Team'. 

Have further questions? Please feel free to reach out to our Motivosity support team by clicking here.

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