How to Resume a 1 on 1 Meeting

Accidentally closed out of a 1 on 1 without ending the meeting? Here's how you can reopen it and resume the meeting later.

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Resume a Meeting from your Calendar on the Home Page

If you closed out of a 1 on 1 meeting earlier than intended, you can reopen it by heading to your Motivosity home page and clicking the closed meeting in the 'Meetings' section.

From here, you'll be able to resume your 1 on 1 meeting.

Reopen a Previous 1 on 1 Meeting

If you're wanting to go back to a previous 1 on 1 meeting you can re-open a meeting that has ended and continue where you left off. Click the meeting you'd like to reopen on your Motivosity home page (Meetings Section) and you'll find a 'Reopen meeting' button near the top right.

Resume a 1 on 1 Meeting

To resume a previous 1 on 1, go ahead and do the following:

  1. You can now click the widget (Active Meeting Indicator) near the top right of your Motivosity page to resume a 1 on 1, or head to 'Manage' > Click the 'Meetings' tab > Click on the direct report you'd like to continue with.

  2. Once the direct report is selected, the 1 on 1 has now resumed.

  3. You can now go ahead and navigate through the 1 on 1 as normal and add in agenda items and notes as needed

  4. To finish the 1 on 1 meeting you can go ahead and click 'End & share summary' near the top-right of the modal.

Tips & Tricks: If you need to add a quick note, agenda item, or priority, go ahead and select the blue plus button on your direct reports profile picture. You'll see a drop-down with "quick-add" options to add any of these items to your next 1 on 1 meeting.

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