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Satisfaction Survey Setup

The anonymous survey will appear for each employee approximately once every three months. Surveys are anonymous, but are linked to supervisors and departments. When the surveys are active, you will be giving insights into:

  1.  Employee satisfaction trends by questions
  2.  Employee satisfaction trends by department
  3.  Employee satisfaction trends by manager
  4.  Comparative benchmarking data (you vs the world) If you would like to cancel The Ongoing Surveys just click 'Surveys are currently Active.' Underneath 'Survey Activation. After clicking this a pop up will come up that will ask you if you are sure. If you do decide to continue and disable surveys. You will lose All past surveys data as well as Benchmarking service and the Employee Satisfaction dashboard.

We also recommend putting a Survey Bounty to help incentivize your employees with a buck or 2!

Here is a survey preview:

If you would like to learn how to customize your survey, check out this article.

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