Motivosity Lead: Key Player Ratings

We are proud to share that Key Players as part of the Motivosity Lead platform is now accessible. This new dashboard will be visible to all managers by going to “Manage” →  “Key Players” (once turned on). Motivosity Lead is here to turn your managers into leaders.  This feature gives managers a clear overview from the year of each individual’s impact, performance trends, influence on the company, etc. to help give the individual a key player rating. 

This rating, which is usually given once a year, can be helpful to the compensation committee or executive team to align performance with compensation. Having the direct reports dashboard available with information from  1 on 1’s to ratings from peers, we are confident this feature will provide managers with needed insight to assess key players.


If you’d like more information about setting up key player ratings, please take a look at this article on our knowledge base.

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