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Sharon Schmick - Soft Stuff Distributors

Sharon Schmick is a Customer Service Representative at Soft Stuff Distributors.  In the last 2 years she has been in the top 10 list of most giving employees.  It was said of Sharon, “She is basically the embodiment of the family-feel we’re trying to create at Soft Stuff.”  The company slogan is “No one loves you like Soft Stuff,” and we have been dying to know how they foster appreciation, love, and a family-feel culture.

When asked why she gives Sharon said, "Sometime you see a change in the personality of someone who isn’t normally happy.  Through giving, you lift their spirits for that day, and it is a snowball effect as they pay it forward.”  Sharon said she loves seeing the good vibes, and seeing the change that happens on someones face.

"The benefit of Motivosity has been tremendous, it is breaking down barriers between departments, and helps us see the upstream and downstream flow of our business.”  Motivosity has helped Sharon see people in a new light.  As someone who works a day shift, she previously had no interaction with the night crew.  Through MV, Sharon can see what the night crew goes through to deliver on the promises Sharon makes during the day.  She can then see how a truck driver goes above and beyond to fulfill the night crews hard work.  “I now look up to certain people who I’ve never met, because of how they contribute to the team.”

"Motivosity makes us better and brings us together, and is the measure of how we are fulfilling our slogan.  Not only does MV give us something to strive for, people are in a better mindset and performing better because they can see the he outstanding things people are thanked for.”

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