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Sandy Mott - ASEA

When Sandy Mott first heard about Motivosity in a Best Places to Work Luncheon she knew it was a tool that could really help her call center with employee engagement and communication.  As the Director of Associate Support at ASEA overseeing a call center and bringing the company values to life is a part of daily talk and ethos.  Sandy even created a “Become” award where peers recommend others that are shining examples of company values. 

Before Motivosity the call center was separated.  Sandy realized by recognizing her team, communication improved, collaboration was more noticeable, engagement increased, and good spread on its own, “You can’t help it, it just happens on it’s own” Sandy said.  Living in a world of social media, “Motivosity is our internal facebook.  Call center agents and millennials are so used to social media, and Motivosity is the platform where we get to brag about all the good our peers are doing.”  

ASEA is growing internationally and Sandy said, “It is perfect for brining our International presence together.  We will have three call centers around the world and we’ll be able to connect with everyone, everywhere through Motivosity!  Now we are connecting the business and all business entities into one, with one easy tool.”  

Recognizing call center agents can be hard.  "We get so focused on stats, dashboards, and after call work.  MV solved that by brining us to gather as a team.  You can’t run a call center unless you are combined.  Now we know more about ourselves, others, and are more connected than ever.” 

Sandy said "there is a big difference between communication and connecting."  While communication can always be improved, connecting with people is business critical.  As your business tries to connect your international presence and workforce, remember what Sandy said, “Motivosity is connecting us together!” 

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