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Squire & Company

Squire & Company were recently in a leadership meeting and talking about their culture.  Tawny Rodriguez, HR Director said, “We learned that as leaders we have to think out of the way we like to receive personal recognition, and listen to our workforce.  We’ve always been good at saying ’thank you’ but have not be great about doing it publicly.  Our employees said they preferred public praise, and now we listen from the ground up instead of pushing our leadership only preferences.”

Jonyce Bullock, Squire’s CEO said "We have a long tradition of a family friendly culture.  To the point where employee’s children feel they are part of the Squire family."  Some kids even go into Squire and pull pranks on other employees… things like filling their overhead bin with stress balls so when they open it up, there is a flood of balls hitting them!  Listening to employees and involving families is a key in making Squire different from other tax firms.  That is why making sure there is a “ground up” culture is so important.

Brandon Allfrey, Partner at Squire said, "When managers give more often, we see an increase of people helping each other and in our engagement levels.  People love getting praise in a public forum, and Motivosity helped us realize this.”  In a recent leadership team meeting, the company assessed the tools they are using.  The consensus was they like MV so much, they want to continue and push anything related to to culture into MV.

We love companies who are focused on listens to their employees, centralizing systems, and using they data they collect to improve the employee experience. Squire & Company is pretty boss in our minds!

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