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Alec Sammann - Peepers Specs

At Peepers Specs their 4th generation company has grown over 700% with offices now opening internationally.  CEO, Alec Sammann wants to help everyone feel like a family, and not just a regular family.  The kind of family who has fun, and gets the cops called on you for blasting music too loud.  Oh yeah, they also check that box at their last all hands meeting! 

The culture of Peepers is more than just partying though, it is about caring for others.  Every quarter for example 4-6 people will go grab lunch together, and they are people in different departments and the one rule is you can't talk about work.  The goal is to get to know those you work with on a personal level.

Alec said that Motivosity has "United everyone within our international footprint.  It empowers people to reach out to everyone and anyone regardless of what time zone they live in.  We also think it is so cool that people can buy whatever they want.  Until Motivosity we didn't realize our branded SWAG was as important as it is to our employees."

"Motivosity is our virtual fist bump" Alec said.  If you are looking to fist bump your family driven culture, be sure to hit us up as well!

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