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Mountain Leverage

When CEO Alex Reneman started Mountain Leverage he came he allowed the team to come up with 5 core concepts that would exemplify the vision and values of the company.  One that we really love is the “Founders Mindset” concept.  One way the help every think like an owner is by not having unnecessary polices.  As an example, Mountain Leverage doesn’t have a vacation or spending policy.  If you are traveling for business, a Founders Mindset rules and you think like an Owner would on what to spend company funds on.

As a quick growing company, Mountain Leverage wanted to make sure they never distanced from their core concepts and found Motivosity as a perfect tool to keep them aligned at all times.  In the last 90 days 100% of the company received appreciation, which means everyone has been seen living the core concepts, and they are looking for the good others are doing.

Melissa Rentz the VP of Customer Advocacy said, "Recognition can be cheesy, I can’t articulate the secret sauce of Motivosity but it feels different and isn’t forced.  It feels like a casual social environment.” Carly Johnson an Operations & Marketing Specialist said, “You can see what others and doing and it sparks conversation in other departments you have no insight to.  By seeing collaboration, it fosters innovation and creativity."

Mountain Leverage are so creative they are self proclaimed “hippies.”  They like to study telomeres (strands of DNA), how a 23 minute nap a day can increase productivity, the importance of meditation, and positive phycology.  While Motivosity can’t help much with understand telomeres, we love joining hippie drum circles and talking about the ROI of looking for the good!

Having only been with Motivosity for less than 1 year, Melissa said, "I will 100% take MV with me wherever I’m at in my career.  I’ve gone to former employers and told them about why they need it.”  Take a lesson from Mountain Leverage and the next time you are looking at a the “founders mindset” let us show you how Motivosity can help! 

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