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Darcy Bohman - Womply

Do you love watching the NBA playoffs and want to bring that energy to the workplace?  Then you need to take a look at what Darcy Bohman is doing at Womplysf!  During March Madness they had TV’s up around the office to check in on scores, and they used Motivosity


to give awards to bracket winners.  At the end of each round, the top 3 winners would get MV Bucks and the grand winner of the bracket challenge won $75 in Motivosity!


In addition to basketball, they have Ping Pong and other sport challenges where the winners get a Womplybranded Sports Swag Bag.  Not only can you carry your gear to the gym, but they have T-shirts and other sports attire you can use to #stayyoung.  Darcy said, “Motivosity makes cultural initiatives easier.  We used to have a painful gift card management process and people would get a card to Foot Locker and never use it.  Motivosity makes it easier to drive contests and administer giving prizes.”

One unique program they came up with was a “Hike for Health” program.  Every time someone went on a hike, they would have to take a picture of their journey and share it on Motivosity.  Once posted they would get $5 in Motivosity.  They liked this program so much, the top employee went on 20 hikes!

If you want to bring the energy and excitement from the world of sports, follow Womply’s lead and allow Motivosity to be the platform to bring it to life! It’s no surprise 96% of Womply employees are in MV on a regular basis.  Over 75% of Womplys use of MV is to administer the awards and programs they have.  Yeah, MV is way more than peer to peer recognition software!

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