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Brennan Mason - BridgeConnector

Brennan Mason is the VP of Marketing at BridgeConnector . BridgeConnector has been in business for a little over a year and a Motivosity user since September 2018. In their first year of existence, they were selected by the National Business Journal as a Best Place to Work in Tennessee. Getting culture right from the get go was a massive priority for BridgeConnectors executive team.
In the last 90 days, the company had 100% promoters on their eNPS. When asked what makes the culture so amazing, Brennan said, “To many organizations focus on benefits being 1-2% better than other orgs. Good benefits are the expectation. What keeps an employee is culture! Culture is soft, subjective, and hard to define. Receiving real recognition and knowing how employees work helps the org, really builds the culture. Motivosity is the tangible recognition on how employees helped their peers, managers, and the company grow.”
One of Brennan’s favorite things to do to stable the brand identity inside Motivosity is to create custom awards when an employee goes above and beyond. Brennan finds an ugly stock photo and created an award such as:
1️⃣ The 2018 Really Cool Video Award. “For doing a good video job.”
2️⃣ Just Doin’ A Good Job and Stuff. “I mean yah know sometimes you are just crushing it.”
3️⃣ Extra Cool Event Wow. “Wow what an extra cool and awesome event.”
We the fun they are having with awards and using Motivosity to put their personal brand in all they do! We also love how they are making giving become Real with a capital “R.” They don’t just say thanks in passing, they give appreciation in a way that people remember and is meaningful.

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