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Calendar Integration Troubleshooting
Calendar Integration Troubleshooting

If you are running into any trouble with your calendar integration, please start here.

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Troubleshooting Your Calendar Integration

We understand that integrating calendars can be a powerful tool for streamlining your workflow, but sometimes, technical issues can arise. Whether you're experiencing sync errors, missing events, or any other challenges with your calendar integration, we are here to help you navigate through them and get your calendars working seamlessly together.

  1. Make sure you've integrate the calendar that is the same as your Motivosity login email. If you do happen to integrate a different calendar, you can change your Motivosity login email to match that calendar. This will ensure the best experience.

  2. Schedule and Manage your meetings from the calendar that you integrated. Make sure that you send calendar invitations to employees using the email alias that those users login into Motivosity with. That will help ensure the best experience.

  3. Make sure that there are no duplicate events on your calendar for the same meeting at the same time with the same participants. This causes Motivosity to read your calendar and think there are two separate events. Motivosity can read and direct managers and employees into the same meeting once they are in Motivosity, but as a best practice avoid duplicate meetings on your calendar.

  4. If your Motivosity login and the calendar email alias are different, Motivosity can store that second email alias and match up the accounts. If you use a third email/calendar alias to send calendar invites to employees you want to meet with, then Motivosity will have a hard time matching the participants to the meeting, and it will look like the meetings are not scheduled.

  5. If you and another participant are in different meetings that look the similar and you are supposed to be in the same meeting, Motivosity will send a warning to the users saying they are not in the same meeting with a button to help them navigate to the same meeting.

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