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Outlook Calendar Integration Setup

A walkthrough on how to connect your Outlook Calendar to Motivosity

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What is the Outlook Calendar integration with Motivosity?

By integrating your Outlook Calendar with Motivosity, you can have a more streamlined experience in managing your meetings, events, and scheduling within the Motivosity platform. Note that the exact steps and options may differ slightly based on the calendar provider you use. We'll be going over the Outlook Calendar Integration.

Please Note: Your organization may have third-party apps locked down in their Azure tenant. If you find yourself in this situation, please use the following link to allow the Motivosity Calendar integration in Azure: Grant tenant-wide admin consent to an application

Configuring your Outlook Calendar Integration

For Motivosity Admins: Please be sure to check that the same emails that are used to login to Motivosity are set as the primary emails in the Microsoft tenet. This only applies for companies who use multiple emails for their users.

To start configuring your Outlook Calendar integration, please start by heading to your Motivosity homepage and on the left side of the page you'll see a modal named 'Meetings'.

Click the 'Sign in with Microsoft' button.

Once you click 'Sign in with Microsoft', you'll be prompted to login with your Microsoft Account.

Once you've inputted your login credentials you'll be prompted to 'Allow' Motivosity to access certain permissions with your Microsoft account related to your Outlook calendar.

Once allowed, you'll be redirected back to your Motivosity homepage and your Outlook Calendar has been synced and you should start to see events from your calendar in your meeting modal.

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