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For a Cause items

Learn more about For a Cause item setup

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Note: Truing up/cashing out on charities and other For a Cause items need to be manually by your company utilizing reports provided by Motivosity. The balance of the employee will be decreased immediately upon donation, but money isn't actually sent anywhere. We often see companies wanting to match donations or there are hoops to jump through with actually getting the money sent out to the organization, group, or individual that is the subject of the For a Cause item. This means you will write the check outside of Motivosity - we're just helping you track it.


Providing an option for employees to donate their spending money to charitable causes is a great way to boost morale, and encourage humanitarian behavior. We have created the option for Admins to manage donations to charitable causes from the store, where employees can donate directly to the cause/charity of their choice.

When an employee uses their Motivosity Bucks to donate to a cause, an order is created in the system, an Inventory Manager (designated by the Admin) oversees the funding being allocated to the charity, and the company is then responsible for issuing the funds to the appropriate charity. The Motivosity platform simply acts as the inventory for funds being allocated to the For a Cause store items.

What We Will Cover

  • How to setup and create a For a Cause item in the store

  • How to manage the Inventory for the item(s)

  • How to know when a donation is Done, and that the money can been sent to the respective charity as a donation

How to Setup and Create a For a Cause Item

  1. Navigate to the Setup Tab on your home page

  2. Select Store

  3. Scroll to the bottom section titled For a Cause

  4. Click the Create a 'Cause' Item button

  5. Provide the Item Name (Name of the cause and/or charity service organization)

  6. Input the Inventory Manager (This individual is the owner and will receive email notification as donations occur)

  7. Upload an Image (Appears in your storefront)

  8. Select Next

  9. Enter the item's Description

  10. Assign the Country

  11. Select Save

Typically, companies will do an orders report monthly or quarterly and look at the causes. This can be found in Insight -> Awards and Rewards -> Orders. You'll see a filter for 'Type' and if you choose 'For a Cause', you'll see all the orders that have been for causes. In that report you can get the totals of donations for the causes and at that point the company can send a check as appropriate.

In the rightmost column you will see a status of 'Completed' or 'Mark as Done'. Once the company has taken care of the donations, you can mark these as completed. This step is optional, but sometimes it helps you know what's already been taken care of and what hasn't.

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