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Creating Recognition Awards

Use this article to create Recognition Awards

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Recognition Awards are a great way to recognize specific employees for being great! We offer two different kinds of awards in Motivosity: Recognition Awards and Achievement Awards. This article will focus on the Recognition awards.

30 Award Ideas (and why they're important)

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Here is are some other helpful articles about how to nominate someone for an award and how to review those nominations.

Recognition vs Achievement Awards

Knowing what kind of Award you want to create is going to be very important. Here is a quick breakdown of the two different kinds of awards you can create:

  • Recognition Awards (this article): If you are hoping to recognize one (or more) employees for doing something special, then the Recognition Award is the one for you. With this award a person who is in charge of the award will be prompted to give the award on a regular basis. These awards may accept nominations, and can be given out based on time-frames that you choose.

    • The most common example of a Recognition Award would be an Employee of the Month award.

  • Achievement Based Awards: If you want to nudge your employees to DO something specific, then an Achievement based award is for you. These awards will show up on every user's profile.

    • Some common examples of Achievement-Based Awards would be Read the Culture Code Book, Write a Glass Door Review, Refer a Friend, etc.

Creating a Recognition Award

Questions to Consider:

  • How frequently will this award be given?

  • Do you want people to nominate their peers for this award?

  • Do you want Motivosity Bucks tied to this award?

There are two places within Motivosity to create an award. You can either go to Setup > Awards > +New Award

... or you can click on Awards at the top of the page then click 'Create a New One' from the "Awards I manage" section.

When you first open the awards page, you will see an invitation to start creating awards. If you are an admin when you click the link to create an award, you will see a dialog box like this, otherwise, you will start on the first page of creating a recognition award

You can select from a gallery of Motivosity award icons or upload your own. Start this process by clicking on the 'Upload an icon at the top. You will then give the name of the award that will be visible to your employees. Provide a brief description of what this award is and finally the frequency that it is given out.

Award Owners

The award owner is the person who gives the award. An award can have multiple owners. Start typing in the 'Who gives this award?' field and start typing the name of a valid Motivosity user in your company.

Awards with Nominations

You may want some awards to accept nominations. When you have at least one award that accepts nominations, a new 'Who Do You Nominate' box will appear on the Awards page. More information about this will be found in 'Making and Reviewing Nominations'.

Award Schedule

You can select how often the award is given. When you select a schedule for an award, a few things happen. First, if there is money associated with the award, the estimated recognition budget for the company is adjusted. Second, the person giving the award will be reminded to give it out at the right time. For awards that are not regularly given, choose, "One Time" from the dropdown

Nomination Instructions

Provides optional instruction to your employee that is important when submitting a nomination. Maybe you have a list of questions that need to have answers when nominating. Adding text here will display when someone is making a nomination.


Awards do not need to have money attached, but if you want a user to receive more money in their 'You can spend' box when they receive the award, select the maximum amount they could receive for this award in the 'How much?' box. Note that when an award owner is giving the award, the dollar amount can be adjusted downward if desired.

If you attach money to the award, you can decide where that money comes from. Does it come from the award owner's 'You can give' bucket, or does it come out of a central budget? If you choose 'The giver', then giving the award to someone would take out of the amount of the award from the owner's giving money. If you choose the 'Central budget', then another field will appear that will allow you to control the maximum number of times this award can be given in a year.

Limiting an Award to a Country or Department

These limits will control how this award appears in the nomination list and on the Awards page. Choosing a country will have this award display only to people in the selected country. Choosing a department will have this award display only to people in the selected department. Choosing 'Inactive' will have this award not appear in any lists.

Once you are done with this, click 'Save' on the modal and the award is ready to go. Happy awarding!

Giving a Recognition Award

When it is time to give an award that you manage, simply click on awards at the top of the page, then look for the Awards I Manage section:

If you would like to give a nomination based award, click "Review Nominations & Achievements." You can see more information about this here. Otherwise, you can click "Give Now" to give this award:

You can choose the employee(s) who should receive the award, type why they are getting the award, and you can even edit the default amount as long as you're staying within the budget set while creating the award.

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