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Taking a Personality Test

Taking and understanding Personality test results

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Do you have that attitude that just lights up anyone's day? Are you looking for the other people in your company that are ENFJ’s?

Taking the Personality Test

  • Select your name in the top right. In this case, "Leslie".

  • Select "Take Personality Test" under My Personality section

Things to Note:

  • You can take this personality test as often as you'd like.

  • Motivosity's personality test provides an accurate representation of an individuals personality type based on Carl Jung's work on the 16 personalities. It uses this assessment to provide guidance for how people can best interact with each other.

Comparing your personality assessment to that of your colleagues

  • First, complete your own personality test

  • Select the profile of the person you want to better understand

  • Click the drop-down carrot icon under the "Personality" section of their profile

  • Check out the similarities and differences between you.

Personality Types

  1. ENFJ (The Teacher) - Collaborative, inspirational team member who is interested in working together to implement plans for progress. Skilled at understanding the needs and priorities of others and talented at building consensus.

  2. ENFP (The Champion) - Enthusiastic, involved team member who is interested in exploring the possibilities for innovation. Little interest in rules, and will encourage team mates to think outside the box to create a solution that is uniquely theirs.

  3. ENTJ (The Commander) - Commanding team member who typically wants to take charge. A strategic thinker with an intuitive sense of what needs to get done and how everyone can contribute. Often sees how systems can be improved.

  4. ENTP (The Visionary) - Entrepreneurial team member who wants to explore new and creative ideas. Often feels the best solutions come from skirting or even ignoring the rules, and rarely has much interest in adhering to the established procedures.

  5. ESFJ (The Provider) - Team-oriented and engaged with others to create an environment of caring and support. Values cooperation and a harmonious team environment.

  6. ESFP (The Performer) - Fun-loving team member who brings a sense of humor to the process. Keeps an eye out for the needs of others, and offers assistance and support in a practical, down-to-earth way.

  7. ESTJ (The Supervisor) - Take-charge type who brings order and industrious energy to a team, focusing on opportunities to implement structure and take decisive action. Willing to share honest and direct feedback.

  8. ESTP (The Dynamo) - Enthusiastic participant who enjoys identifying resources and moving dynamically through problems to find practical solutions. Often the voice of reason and will often point the group toward using available means to take immediate action.

  9. INFJ (The Counselor) - Creative solver of people problems, and brings innovative ideas for fostering human potential. Perceptive in observing the talents of others. Mindful of group process including accommodating all points of view.

  10. INFP (The Healer) - Supportive and imaginative team member who contributes by understanding the ideals of their team mates. Listens openly to many points of view.

  11. INTJ (The Mastermind) - Analytical team member who focuses on strategy. Capable of synthesizing ideas of some complexity, and often sees clearly to a unifying plan of action. Takes a critical approach, and analyzes ideas and proposals with a detached, objective logic.

  12. INTP (The Architect) - Thoughtful, analytical team member who contributes a deep understanding of complex problems. Interested in the theoretical questions behind the team's goal. Leads with the vision of the team, analyzing it rationally and objectively and offering options and possibilities.

  13. ISFJ (The Protector) - Supportive, organized team member who attends to the needs of the people around them and follows procedures to get things done. Not often interested in leading a team, but may naturally take on the role of group secretary.

  14. ISFP (The Composer) - Sensitive, helpful team member. Oriented to cooperation and will look for ways to compromise and accommodate others. Tends to step in when others need help.

  15. ISTJ (The Inspector) - Dependable, task-oriented team member. Tends to clarify goals in specific, concrete terms, and look for established standards by which to measure the team's outcomes. Prefers a structured team environment.

  16. ISTP (The Craftsman) - Practical, task-oriented team member who is usually more focused on the problem at hand than the people involved. Tends to look for ways to contribute with immediate action and straightforward troubleshooting. Rarely needs attention from the team.

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