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Personality Map

Understanding the Personality Map

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The personality map shows your org chart. The center ring is the top layer in the organization (like the CEO). Each outer ring is composed of those who report to that person. Clicking on a name zooms in to that level.

There are 3 different viewpoints you can choose from that will give you a different view of the map.

Management Style

  • This view shows points of potential friction around decision making in the organization. Darker spots indicate a higher likelihood of friction. The colors range from shades of blue, lighter being similar to the manager, and darker being different than a manager.

Gathering Information

  • Direct perception can come through using the five senses or through the unconscious mind... what we call inspiration. Sensing types trust the facts while Intuiting types trust their instincts. They gather information in equal but opposite ways: Sensing types start with the details, then pan out to the big picture; Intuiting types start with the big picture, then zoom in on the details. Orange being more factual and Blue being more inspiration.

Drawing Conclusions

  • Thinking is the rational process of making decisions based on logic. Feeling is the rational process of making decisions while considering the personal context. Thinking types focus on truth and tend to be skeptical. Feeling types focus on values and tend to give others the benefit of the doubt. Lime being more logic and Purple being more emotion

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