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Learning About Other People

Viewing other users' profiles

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User's Profile

When you click on someone's name in Motivosity, it will take you to their profile page. It should look something like this:

There is one main section called the 'About Me' on this page that help you learn general information about your peer and seeing their recent Motivosity activity. There are a couple more for admins that I will go over at the bottom of this article.

About Me

This section will give you a little bit of background on the person, contact information, hire date, and birthday. (Unless they've chosen to keep their birthday a secret!)

Giving and Receiving Activity

The permanent record of all the good things people are saying about a person lives in the 'Receiving' tab. This is a really good way to gain insight on how others who have worked with them feel. Conversely, all the good a person has said on the success of others in the organization is located in the 'Giving' tab. Go team!

On the right side of the screen you have a couple tools to help you learn more about who this person really is. These are the Personality and Interests tools.


When you first set up your profile, you take a personality test. That was to give others insight into how you work and how they can adapt to work well with you. This is meant to be used both ways so teams can mesh the best they can.

You can see your differences and similarities in the drop down. Explore the 'Read More' to understand them even better.

You can also see who else is like this person!


If it's not fun, don't do it. Making friends at work = having fun at work. Interests is a great way to connect with the people around you.

When you look at an interest tag, there is a white box with a blue circle indicating the number of people in the company who have the same interest. If you click on that box, you can see the members and at that point, join the group and get some conversation going! Pickleball team maybe?

There is also an e-mail icon on the interest tag. Clicking that will let you send an email to everyone in the group.

Extras for Admins

As an administrator, when you're viewing an employee's page, you'll also have the options to look at the user's spending cash balance with a brief history of where the money came from.

You can also check out their Order History from the store and make sure they have been fulfilled.

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