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Pausing your Motivosity Account

Need to pause your account? It's easy. Check it out

Updated over a week ago

Pausing Your Account

If for some reason you need to pause your account, this will walk you through how to do it.

Note: You do not need to pause your account to make edits to the rest of your setup, to users, or money. In most cases, there would be no reason to pause an account if you plan to turn it back on. Please reach out to our support team or your customer success representative to talk through your needs if you feel like you need to turn off Motivosity for your employees.

1. Head to your Motivosity homepage and click 'Setup'.

2. Once the Setup page loads, please scroll down.

3. If the account is running, please click the blue button to revert back to paused.

4. A modal will appear confirming that you'd like the account to be paused.

Please Note: If the account is paused, all services will be stopped, only 'admin' users will be able to login, and all the giving amounts will be reset when you go live again.

5. Once you click 'OK' the account is paused!


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