Coaching Ratings

Coaching Ratings is a great way to understand the Job Results and values fit trends in your company.

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Coaching Ratings are a great way to understand the trends for the Coaching Categories in your company. You can view these at a high level and drill into more detail in this dashboard.

To view Coaching Ratings, go into Insights > Manager > Coaching Ratings.

Most Recent Ratings

The "Most Recent Ratings" panel pulls the most recent rating for each employee in your company. The number in the middle of each box has the number of people with that rating.

Note that if someone received two ratings during your selected timeframe, this would show data for their most recent rating only.

The small percentage on the top right of each box is the percentage of all completed coaching during the period with that rating according to this filter. For example, if there are 22 people in the company, a box with 11 people in it represents 50% of the company.

To view and download details of each rating, click on the box to view individual employees in each section.

Hot Tip: Note that every report can be filtered for the information you need in the top right corner.

Job Results and Values Fit Rating Progress

Job Results and Values contribution progress can be filtered with different time frames by selecting the cog gear in the top right of each dashboard.

These dashboards (Job Results Rating Progress and Values Fit Rating Progress) will show the progression of job/values results over the selected timeframe.

This can be super valuable in understanding effective coaching, employee engagement, and alignment with values.

To view details by employees, click on the progression icon

I don't see this dashboard or have questions on the setup

If you don't see this report or edits are needed, your admin will need to be sure it's enabled. For instructions on how to do this, look at the "Ratings" section of Coaching Setup.

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