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Covver Swag Partnership

We have a partnership with to help fulfill your swag needs

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Create a turnkey store with our partner Covver! Customers who want to create a no-hassle, low maintenance store can go through our partner, for a simple pay-as-you-go model with no subscription, sign up, or setup fees.

How Covver Works

We recommend contacting your Customer Success Manager for more information on how to get started! If you don't know who your Customer Success Manager is, simply send an email to and we'll help get you started.

1. Create your account + branded store.

2. Add a credit card or bank account

3. Add your users

4. Choose your swag items

5. Upload your logo or other images and customize selected swag items

6. Link your store in Motivosity

7. Employees can use their ThanksMatters card to purchase swag

8. Billing is pay-as-you-go. Customer will be charged once per month or when the balance reaches $500

Why Covver?

1. No upfront or hidden costs

Our competitors that offer Swag Store partnerships either charge an upfront fee or bake the extra cost into their monthly pricing. With Motivosity and Covver, there are no hidden costs or upfront fees. There is no additional cost to their Motivosity contract.

2. Fast and simple setup

Unlike other Swag providers, Covver is so simple that customers can create a turnkey store in 30 seconds without needing onboarding support.

3. Zero hassle

Customers who go through Covver will not have any inventory to store, shipping to manage, or minimum orders to fulfill.

4. Simple billing

Covver offers an easy pay-as-you-go model that is billed monthly or when you hit a $500 threshold in credit redemption (1 credit = $1). There is no monthly subscription. Customers who opt not to use credits in Covver but solely use the ThanksMatters card will never get a bill.

5. Better checkout options

Customers who use Covver and Motivosity together get the benefit of letting employees purchase swag with their ThanksMatters card at checkout, using Covver credits, or a combination of both. Employees can even purchase with a personal card if they do not have funds to cover the cost, but still want to buy.

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