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Accidentally Deleted a User

Accidentally deleted a user? Find out how to reverse that with this article

Updated over a week ago

Accidentally deleted a user?

If you accidentally deleted a user, here is how you can recover their account.

During setup, admins have an option to preserve deactivated users! It is called 'Data Retention', located under 'Setup' > Account Preferences' this keeps deactivated users and their data available to reactivate. If this option is not checked, deactivated users will be permanently deleted within 5 days.

If 'Data Retention' is on:

Go to 'Insights' > 'Community and Team' > 'Deactivated Users Report'. All the recently deleted users will be in this report. Here you have the option to 'Activate' the user(s) that were accidentally deleted. This will restore the user's accounts to exactly what it was like before they were accidentally deleted.

If 'Data Retention' is off:

No worries, if you are within 5 days of that user being deleted, then we have your back! If the user is not here, then that means it has been more than 5 days since they were deleted from Motivosity (even if by accident), and sadly, we can not bring them back. Our system only holds them in the system for 5 days for any mistakes made. You will need to add them as a new user back in the system. To confirm the termination, go to 'Insight' -> 'Orders' and filter reason by 'Terminations' to confirm that a user has been permanently deleted. In this report, you can also see how much was remaining in the user's balances if you need to add that back in.

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