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Deactivating a User

For information on how to deactivate a user

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Deactivating a user in Motivosity

To deactivate a user in Motivosity, follow these steps below:

1. User Management:

Go to 'Insights' -> 'Community and Team' -> 'User Management'

Then click the deactivate icon next to the user you need to delete!

2. Org Chart

Navigate to 'Org Chart'

Once you have located the user to delete, hover your mouse over the user. You will then see a delete option pop up above the profile pic. Click 'Delete' to remove them.

3. Team Import(Deactivating Multiple Users at Once)

Go to 'Setup' > 'Team' > 'Bulk User Upload'

Then, 'Download Current Template'. This will download an excel sheet with all the user information. There is a column labeled 'Action'. Type 'DELETE' in this column for the user(s) you need to deactivate. Save the file and upload it. This will delete any user(s) you selected.


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