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Auditing Milestones

Reconcile any missed birthdays or anniversaries rewards in the platform through Admin Tools.

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What if a user didn't receive their reward for their Birthday or Anniversary?

If a user didn't receive their birthday or anniversary reward, as an admin you can run an audit within Admin Tools to make any adjustments to make sure they do receive their reward with the Audit Milestones feature.

How do I audit milestones?

To audit milestones in Motivosity, you can do the following:

First, select your profile picture in the upper right corner and from the dropdown select "Admin Tools"

Next, on the left side of the page, select "Audit Milestones"

Here you will see two different sections, Anniversaries and Birthdays. To audit any of these milestones begin by entering the date of the month you would like to audit. In the example below, we used 4/1/24 for both the Anniversaries and Birthdays to view anyone in the month of April who did not receive either reward.

Once you enter these dates you can select "Audit Anniversaries" or "Audit Birthdays" to view employees who may have missed receiving a milestone reward.

If you have any milestones that were missed you can select the "Audit and Fix Anniversaries" or "Audit and Fix Birthdays" buttons. This will run the audit once more and proceed to distribute any missed milestone rewards for your employees. Once finished, you should see an updated message saying that the employee has now received their reward.

Please Note: If you use a date and audit your milestones and only see 'Complete' you can be sure that everyone in that given month received their reward.

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