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Match Giving Rules

As an admin, you can update the Peer to Peer Giving rules if any adjustments have been made in the middle of the month.

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What is Match Giving Rules?

Match Giving Rules is a tool available to Motivosity admins that will allow mid-month changes to your Peer to Peer giving amounts.

If you have made changes to your Peer-to-Peer giving amounts and want those new amounts implemented immediately, rather than waiting for it to automatically happen at the beginning of next Month, you can use "Match Giving Rules" to push those changes immediately.

How to Match Giving Rules

To match your giving rules and implement any changes you have made to your Peer to Peer amounts, you may do the following:

First, head to your profile picture in the upper right corner of you screen. From there, go ahead and select "Admin Tools".

Next, on the left side of the page, you'll see an option to "Manage Motivosity Bucks" (Please Note: This option may look different depending on the name of your currency in your platform).

From this page you'll select "Match Giving Rules". Once on the Match Giving Rules page, you'll have the option to click the "Match Giving Rules" button. By clicking this button, this will update everyone's giving balance to the current amount specified on the Peer-to-Peer setup page page, minus any Motivosity Bucks given the current month.

Please Note: Users who give more than the giving allocation amount will not have a negative balance enforced on the giving balance; instead, they will simply see a $0 giving balance.

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