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Adjusting Individual Balances Through Admin Tools
Adjusting Individual Balances Through Admin Tools

As an admin you have the ability to adjust individual balances through Admin Tools.

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How to adjust a user's balance through Admin Tools

At times it is possible that you may need to adjust an individual's Giving or Spending balance in Motivosity for a given reason. As an admin, you can adjust a user's Giving or Spending balance by doing the following:

First, select your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen, then select 'Admin Tools' from the dropdown.

Then, select the 'Manage Motivosity Bucks' option on the left hand side and you should see the 'Individual Balances' section.

From the 'Individual Balances' section, you can type in the user's name that you would like to adjust their balance for. A card dropdown will appear that you can click on to select the user you would like to adjust.

Once you have selected a user, you should see two different sections displaying their Giving and Spending Amounts.

From here, you can make the adjustment to their balance in the Giving or Spending sections by entering the amount that is needed for the adjustment. You can also add a note that will appear for the user once the adjustment is complete.

Once you are finished with the adjustment you may select the 'Adjust Giving Amount' or 'Adjust Spending Amount' buttons to submit the adjustment.

Please Note: You will only need to add how much you want to give a user in these sections, not the total of their balance afterward.

Making a negative adjustment

To make a negative adjustment for a user you can do the following.

From the 'Individual Adjustments' section in Admin Tools, when adding the amount you need to decrease put a MINUS (-) symbol in front of the balance you'd like to take away.

This will decrease from their balance.

What does an adjustment look like for the user?

Once this adjustment is made for the user, if you or the user would like to see the adjustment you can view it by doing the following:

For a user:

  • From your profile, select the 'My History' tab. Then you can select 'Motivosity Bucks'. From here, you should see the adjustment made in the history.

For an Admin:

  • You can search for or head to the user's profile that you made the adjustment for. From there, select the 'Motivosity Bucks' tab and you will then see the adjustment made in the history.

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