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Filtering the Home Feed

Want to see posts only made by your team or department in the Home Feed?

Updated over a week ago

Is there so much good happening on your home feed that you can't seem to find your team's posts? The article below will help you know how you can filter your home feed to show exactly what you want to be seeing.

How to Filter the Home Feed

On the Home page, you'll see an option to "Filter by:" Go ahead and select this.

Filtering to My Team will include your manager, your peers (those with the same manager as you) and your direct reports.

My Extended Team includes "My Team" plus your second-level direct reports.

Once selected, you'll be able to select the different filters such as "Default to", "Type", and "Country". You can go ahead and view these filters by selecting each one and choosing the options you would like to filter the Home Feed by.

Once you are finished select 'Save' and that filter will stay as your filter until changed.

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