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Redeeming a Gift Card

For help redeeming your purchased gift cards

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Having trouble redeeming your recent gift card purchase? Maybe you accidentally deleted the email with a code needed to redeem your funds? This article will help provide an explanation as to where you can go at any point to find the order details and redemption instructions for any gift card purchase you've made through the Motivosity store.

Purchasing Your Gift Cards

We all love spending our hard-earned Motivosity bucks on gift cards and other goodies, and the Motivosity store is a great place to go with dozens of different options to help cover any gift card needs you might have! Once you've found the perfect gift card and redeemed your Motivosity bucks, an email should automatically be sent to the email address used for your Motivosity login. This email will have all the order details and redemption instructions needed to activate your gift card and start spending your money. Here are some step-by-step instructions for purchasing your items from the store:

  • Select "Store" on the top banner

  • Select the "Most Popular," "Digital Gifts," "For a Cause," or "In the Neighborhood," you'd like to buy

Note: You'll only see highlighted cards that you have enough money to redeem)

  • Enter the $ amount you'd like to redeem

  • Select "Purchase".

WARNING: Once you click 'Purchase', there is no way to reverse your order. This includes accidental purchases of cards.

  • And you're all set! Once you've hit purchase, you should be receiving that confirmation email containing the details needed to redeem your gift card or item.

Can't Find Your Email or Redemption Code?

Here's what you can do if the email seems to get lost on its way to your inbox or if you accidentally delete it before successfully redeeming your gift card:

  • First thing to note is that all of your purchase history is kept in Motivosity under your personal profile!

  • Once you've logged in, you will want to click on your picture in the top right corner and select 'My Profile' to be taken to your personal page.

  • From there, you should see several different tabs to choose from, all containing information relating to you and your activity within Motivosity. The tab you are looking for is 'Orders'.

Once you've located and opened the 'Orders' tab, it will bring up a list of every purchase you have ever made using your Motivosity bucks! This list will have all of the order details you could ever need, including the name of the purchase or store you purchased from, the amount spent, the date the order was placed, and the associated order number. If your purchase was an e-gift card, then there will also be two other buttons that will help you in this situation: View and Resend.

  • By selecting View, it will display a pop-up menu with all of the redemption instructions needed to activate and allow you to start using your purchased gift card.

  • By selecting Resend, it will send another copy of those same redemption instructions to the email address attached to your Motivosity account, allowing you to follow them and redeem your card at a later time.

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