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Visa Card Redemption Help

Helping you redeem your Visa Gift Card

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If you've just redeemed a Visa card and are running into any issues, this article should be able to steer you in the right direction.

If you're wondering when your physical visa card will arrive, it will take 45 days to reach you. Otherwise, use the following to help you redeem your Visa.

To kick things off, bring up Motivosity by going to and click on the 'My History' tab up in the top center of the page. This will bring up options to view your giving and receiving history along with your past orders. Click on the 'Orders' section to bring up that list. Next to your Visa, click the 'View Now' button to get your digital token and redemption link.

If you click on your redemption link and it takes you to a screen that looks like the image below, your card is not broken, nor has security been breached. This is just a warning that most users will not see, but you may be running into it if our Visa supplier,, doesn't recognize that you are coming from our site. This is for added security, but can be a little confusing. An easy way to get around this security warning is to go back to Motivosity and copy/paste that link into your URL bar.

Other Issues

If what you are experiencing falls under the below, you can now reach out to Tango, Prepaid Digital Solutions, or Swift Prepaid to get more personalized, faster responses.

Tango Card Success Team( or call 877-558-2646) has some additional access to the Prepaid site and can take the following actions to help resolve pre-paid cards:

·Resend the reward

·Explain in very basic terms the best ways to use a prepaid card in general or more specifically a virtual card as opposed to a physical card.

·Can redeem rewards for callers on a very limited basis if they absolutely cannot walk you through completing the process on your end.

·View any card's transaction history to do very basic troubleshooting of issues folks are having with the card.

·Assist in having an expired card reissued if done so within 60 days of the card expiring.

·Have a lost physical card reissued.

·Have a reward reset to be redeemed again for either a virtual or physical card if you, the cardholder has an issue with the original choice they made.

·Reset the password for a Digital Wallet (via phone only)

·Walk you through redeeming the reward.

·Have the expiration date for an expired reward extended

Prepaid Digital Solutions (Can be reached through the Contact Us link on or by phone as follows: USD or CAD 877-325-8444, EURO or GBP 44-2035142425, JPY 81-3-6890-8680, AUD 61-2-8046-6576, ZAR 27-21-300-9878) The following are the things that you would absolutely have to contact Prepaid Digital Solutions directly about:

·Reporting unauthorized charges on a card to start the dispute process

·Inability to access their reward or card information around the MFA verification code requirement.

Swift Prepaid (Contact information for a direct help line with upper level representatives can be obtained by reaching out to We can share it on a case by case basis if Prepaid Digital Solutions has been unreachable or unhelpful)

·Covers the same issues that Prepaid Digital would, but with more authority and personalization.

We recommend that before contacting Swift or Prepaid digital, you check your spam/junk folders for your missing verification code. It’s also always better to access your rewards via computer over mobile devices.

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