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Welcome to Motivosity's New Help Center!
Welcome to Motivosity's New Help Center!

Introducing the new Help Center!

Updated over a week ago


We've recently moved our help center to a new platform. We're excited about this transition and believe it will add more value to the overall support experience that we love to offer. This article will walk you through a few items to get you more familiar with the new system.

Carl Yeti Help Widget

For any visitors in our Help Center or any admins in Motivosity, you'll now notice a new Help Widget with our very own Carl Yeti in it. This is located in the lower left corner of every page in Motivosity and in the new Help Center.

This new widget will allow you to have access to all of Motivosity help content directly within the platform. When clicking on the widget you will then be greeted by Carl with new support options.

The Home Tab

The first page is the Home page. Here, you will see the options to "Create a Ticket", search for help content, and see what's new in Motivosity.

The Messages Tab

The next page is Messages. This will show you all the recent messages and tickets that you have opened with our support team. If you're looking for an update on a request, you can use this page to communicate with our support team for updates or ask any follow ups. All messages from our team will show here as well.

The Help Tab

The Help tab is our embedded Help Center in Motivosity. You can use this tab to search and read any Help Center content from our Help Center directly in Motivosity.

Starting a Conversation

You now have the option to start a conversation through the Help Widget instead of creating a ticket. When starting a conversation, you'll be asked a few questions to see if we can help you out with some troubleshooting steps. If these steps end up not getting you the answer you were looking for, you can always request to talk to one of our amazing support agents.

Creating a Ticket

When creating a ticket, you'll be presented with a form that you'll fill out with the details of your question or issue. This is similar to submitting a ticket in our old Help Center.

Once the form is filled and the "Create ticket" button is selected, the ticket will be submitted to our Support Team. From there, they will review the request and communicate via email and the new Help Widget.

We hope you enjoy the new Help Center and Help Widget. We are looking forward to adding more functionality to these options to help with your experience in the Motivosity platform. If you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear about it!

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