Holding Meetings in Motivosity

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*Only available to users with the Manager Development add-on*

With the Manager Development add-on you will be able to hold any kind of internal meeting right here in Motivosity! Let me show you how:

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Connect your Calendar

Important Information

If you get an error that you cannot connect your calendar, please let your IT department know. In some cases they will need to grant permissions for your account to be integrated with Motivosity.

If your IT team does not know how to do this, they can visit help.motivosity.com and click Submit a Ticket at the top of the page to learn more.

To get things started, find this panel on the home page and sign into your Google or Microsoft account.

Once you have done that, your meetings should show up in that same window!

Click on any of those meetings to open up the Meeting Window:

Meeting Actions

There are so many different things you can do in a meeting! Take a look at what you can do here:

Agenda Items

Anyone who is listed on the meeting as a guest can add agenda items. You can click the icon on the left side of the agenda item to change the order of the items. Use the profile picture to see who added the item. Finally, you can click the three dots to label that item as Future Discussion, Repeating, Important, or to delete that item.


Any user can take notes. By default they are private but can be shared with everyone else in the meeting. If you click on the three dots on the right hand side of the note you can link that note to a specific agenda item, label the note as an action item, or delete the note.

My Meetings (History)

My Meetings will allow you to browse all of the past agenda items and notes tied to those items from the past. Click the icon on the right to add agenda items with notes to this meeting.

Other Actions

The top right hand side of the meeting has several other buttons you can use.

  • If you have a video conference in the invite of your calendar, that will show up here ("Google Meet" in the example above. Use that button to join the video call.

  • The Save for later button will change depending on what time it is in relation to the meeting, and who is viewing it. Anyone can make the changes described above then "Save for later." When it's time to start the meeting, the meeting's organizer can Start the meeting. Once the meeting has started the button will change to End & Say Thanks.

  • The Send Agenda button will send an email to all of the participants with a list of the agenda items that are currently listed.

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