Welcome to Motivosity


We're glad you found us. This is the Motivosity help site. In here you should be able to find all the answers you need to fully utilize Motivosity. If you get stuck or the answer to your question hasn't been addressed yet, please shoot us a note at support@motivosity.com,

If you are here because your company started using Motivosity and you are wondering what you are supposed to be doing, then let us give you a brief introduction...

What Motivosity Is...

Think of Motivosity as a collection of cool things that help everyone be happier about work.

Our most important mission is to help everyone be appreciated, so think of Motivosity as the place to go to say thanks. Everyone likes to be told thanks... even that curmudgeon sitting in the corner over there.

Secondly, think of Motivosity as a place you can go to find out about the people around you in the company... who likes biking or yoga? how is your personality different from those on your team and in what ways can you interact better

Our goal is to help you be more excited about going to work. So, if you ever find yourself staring at Motivosity and thinking, "it would be great if I could do X", please send that along to us to feedback@motivosity.com. After all, we're in pursuit of building the operating system for culture in your company.


The Motivosity Team
(we're a group of people who believe that work should be fun)