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Updating your company Logo

A guide on adding a new image to replace your (or ours) logo

Updated over a week ago

Make the platform yours and add your company logo!

  • Go to 'Setup' -> 'Preferences' and scroll down to Application Interface

  • Next to 'Logo Image', click 'Change'

We recommend using a square (1:1) or slightly rectangular version of your company logo for best results. The maximum available space can be used by selecting a 5:8 aspect ratio image. If you run into issues, it could be for a number of reasons.

·Make sure your image is not too large (1-2MB is great)

·Make sure your image is saved in a standard color space. sRGB is most common. Don't use printer color spaces like CMYK

If you continue to run into issues, you can also try taking a screenshot of the image and re-uploading the screenshot as the image to use. This will generally clear up formatting issues and maintain plenty of image quality for use in the system.

The 'Reset to Default' button will reset the platform back to the Motivosity logo and colors you seen below.

  • Click the image you want in your files and click open

  • Remember to scroll down and click 'Save & Continue

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