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Can I use my ThanksMatters Card at an ATM?
Can I use my ThanksMatters Card at an ATM?

Info on why the ThanksMatters card does not work at an ATM

Updated over a week ago


The ThanksMatters Card is NOT available for use at an ATM. This article will help you understand the do's and don'ts on how to maximize your experience with your ThanksMatters Card.

The Do's

Your ThanksMattes Card works like any other credit card (but way cooler, obviously!). You can use it to make purchases on a wide variety of locations, both online and retail. As long as you have enough Spending Balance in your account you'll be good to make purchases as you wish!

The Don'ts

Remember how we mentioned that your ThanksMatters Card use depends on your Spending Balance? That means everything you've accumulated there is thanks to all the amazing recognitions given to you by your peers.

In order to keep those hard-earned funds safe we the ThanksMatters Card cannot be used at ATM as the balance in it is limited and supported by your Spending Balance. This way you can be sure that transactions will occur as long as they're backed up by the balance itself.

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